My Sweater Weather Favorites

The Sweater Edit

It’s no secret by now that I’m a fan of sweater weather. The is something so chic and classic about a great fitting pair of jeans and a luxe sweater and something equally sexy about combining an oversized sweater and a pair of cut-off shorts. One of my go-to mom outfits is just that. Wavy natural hair, a fresh face and a super comfortable sweater is the perfect cozy Sunday outfit to snuggle with my little one. I’ve put together a little sweater edit of my favorite top four cozy picks for this season. Enjoy!

I’m wearing the  St. Lucia sweater  by Margaret O’Leary and Revice Denim high waisted jeans

I’m wearing the St. Lucia sweater by Margaret O’Leary and Revice Denim high waisted jeans

St. Lucia   Cashmere Sweater $475

St. Lucia Cashmere Sweater $475

Smocked Cuff Funnel   Sweater $385

Smocked Cuff Funnel Sweater $385

I’m wearing the  Boucle Vee  Sweater by Margaret O’Leary, Zaful fringed jeans and Bedstu platforms.

I’m wearing the Boucle Vee Sweater by Margaret O’Leary, Zaful fringed jeans and Bedstu platforms.

Boucle Vee Neck   Sweater $238

Boucle Vee Neck Sweater $238


Easy Halloween Mommy and Me Costume

Dorothy and the Cowardly Lion

I’ll be honest, I was a bit late to the game this Halloween. This is shocking because - as those that know me will tell you, Halloween is usually my favorite holiday. That said, this year I found myself with a 7 month old daughter who will never remember that I almost forgot her first Halloween. Just another case of “motherhood happens” — My new version of “life happens” and used to describe pretty much any new mom/sleep deprived moment of forgetfulness nowadays.

With so many cute options out there, I was in need of some inspiration. That’s when Lennon let out yet another roar. — Roaring is Lennon’s sole form of communication these days. Ever since her Grandpa started reading her the baby animal book with noises, she’s been mimicking the sounds constantly. This can either be adorable (if she’s smiling at strangers and roaring) or a pretty disturbing reenactment of The Ring (if she does this sitting up in bed staring at a wall in the middle of the night). We were in the midst of one of the cuter occurences when it hit me, Lennon clearly wants to be a lion for Halloween. A quick Amazon Prime search and we had ourselves a baby lion outfit en route just in time for Halloween weekend.


Now, I thought that is wear this would end. Lennon, of course, is too young for candy or trick or treatin’ in any real way so why would there ever be a need for a matching Mommy and Me costume? Well, I’ll tell you the truth of what happened. I had all the intentions of dressing up my little lion on Halloween, taking a few photos for the baby book and parading her around the grocery store like a sane mother. Instead, I fell down the FOMO rabbit hole of Instagram double tapping all of my baby-free friends posting their cute, scantily clad, and highly creative Halloween costumes Saturday morning and realized that this would be the first year in my whole life that I did not dress up for Halloween. For perspective, I even dressed up pregnant… and went to dinner. Seriously, no party. Just my sister, Chantelle Paige and I in full costume, eating some tacos. That, my friends, is how I ended up google searching “kids Halloween events Sonoma County”, dressed up as Dorothy, toting around the cutest baby lion I’d ever seen and borrowing/kidnapping my parents Yorkie because he really made the best Toto.

The best part about this costume? It took a total of 15 minutes to create. So for all those mamas who, like me, procrastinated just a bit this Halloween, I’ve included a shopping guide to recreate this simple look just in the knick of time. If you want to find Lennon’s lion costume you can get it here. TIP: She is wearing a size 6-12 months and I had to adjust the hat by 2-3” so it fit her. Just a quick heads up: it runs a bit small if your child is an Amazonian like mine.

What about you all, what are you dressing up as this Halloween?

Recreate our look: