Simplicity is the final achievement.
— Frédéric Chopin

I was born and raised just outside Seattle in a small town called Issaquah, Washington but I've resided in California for the last 14 years. I've loved art, fashion and design for as long as I can remember. My mother was an interior designer and both my grandmothers were painters which I like to think left me with little genetic choice to be anything other than an artist. I started working in fashion modeling in my teens and early twenties but quickly learned that I much preferred to work behind the lens. After graduating with a Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Design, I moved on to work as an apparel designer, stylist, photographer, independent artist and creative director.


You could say that my style is influenced by my laidback West Coast upbringing combined with the formality of my Italian roots. My grandmother used to always insist that we "dressed to travel" as we never knew who we'd meet. I started this blog in 2015 while working as a Creative Director in San Francisco, CA. Now, you can find me running my blog, acting as Creative Director to a start-up fashion company and welcomed my first child March of 2018. I'm a gypsy at heart and love to travel around the world, absorbing adventures as I go along.