What motivates me to stay fit as a new mom?


Life after the baby has had its fair share of unexpected changes and challenges but the one that surprised me the most was how hard it would be to find the time to work out. When presented with the rare extra hour or two to yourself sans baby, it's incredibly hard to choose the gym over basic life necessities like laundry, sleep, and grocery shopping. Here's the thing, I am someone who really enjoys working out. I always have. This has been a blessing in the past because it never took too much motivation to want to get up and go for a morning run or hit an early yoga class. That all changed post-baby. Nowadays, I have the desire to get back in fighting shape and stay fit yet I need to extra motivation to prioritize my health during that limited time in my schedule. My post-baby body bounced back fairly quickly on its own but now that I have lost almost all of the 26 pounds I gained with Lennon, I am realizing that I'm just not as strong anymore. This is a problem and I'll tell you why. Right now I am a single mom with a 4-month-old daughter that weighs 17 lbs. I am baby-carrying her most of the time and shuttling her back and forth between her grandparents and my loft in the city. That means a lot of packing and unpacking cars and houses, all with a baby-- quite literally-- on my arm. It didn't take long before I realized that I needed to build back some muscle mass, fast! So in true Rachel fashion, I decided to find ways to motivate myself to get to those workout classes that can seem so indulgent nowadays. 

My workout motivation:

1. Get new activewear.

It seems so simple but it really does work. I didn't exactly have the time to go out and shop for activewear so I needed to find other ways to get cute new styles to motivate me to get to my classes. I was pretty lucky to partner with YogaClub to try out their monthly box subscription. It's a fairly simple process, you take a style survey specifying what activities you want to use your gear for, what cuts you prefer and your style preference. Then their stylists put together a box of activewear for you and send you a new outfit every month. I was pretty proud of myself and branched out of the box in my style survey (basically, I didn't select my typical all black solid ensembles) and they ended up sending me a pair of red leggings, a blue printed sports bra and a white dry fit tank from VIMMIA. I will tell you, I would have never purchased red leggings on my own, but I have rocked those babies so much since then. 

2. Get rid of my gym membership and sign up for Classpass.

This was a great idea, but not a new one. My gym was about $250/month and I realistically can't get a sitter to go workout more than 3 hours a week, an expensive gym membership really makes no sense right now. That said, Classpass was a third of the price, and now I can grab a quick work-out wherever I am in this gypsy life of mine. Now, what did I do with that extra $150 a month?

3. Bought some crop tops and short shorts. 

I'm not joking guys. I decided to stop hiding in my high-waisted boyfriend jeans and shift dresses. For some reason, once I brought home a few cute new pieces that showed a little more skin, I was all the more motivated to get back to a place where I could rock them with confidence. Want to know what pieces I got to motivate me? I've included a shopping guide below.

4. Plan a vacation that requires a bikini.

It's a win-win. Mom puts something down on the calendar to get away from baby overnight AND motivation to look fit in a swimsuit again. When I'm out at our place in wine country, I'm all about the one-piece by the pool. I needed to plan a trip that would motivate me to get bikini season ready. Cue bachelorette weekend in Cabo, please. Yes, you heard right. Go big, or go home ladies. 


So far in this journey, I've lost all the baby weight, made it to at least 1-2 workout classes a week and now I'm focusing on building back a bit of muscle before my Cabo trip. I will be rocking my short shorts, crop tops, bikinis and (you guessed it) my new red VIMMIA leggings.  

What about you ladies, what do you do to motivate you to get back in shape? I'd love to hear your tips and tricks. Also, if you want to try out YogaClub use my CODE: SUNDAY20 for 20% off your first box.