The Super Easy Way to Wear a Statement Necklace


Shiny, sparkling and quite a statement, I used to shy away from anything that resembled “bling.” Nowadays I’ve learned how to strike the perfect balance between feminine and tomboy chic. Here’s my simple trick to styling that statement necklace that —until now— has been saved for holiday parties and cocktail dinners.


So, what’s my stylist trick?

Down play everything else in your outfit. Let the necklace speak for itself. The key to this look is juxtaposition. The more intricate and sparkling the jewelry, the more laid back the rest of the pieces should be. That’s why I paired this gorgeous bib necklace with a rock tee, jeans and lived-in waves. Add my vintage Levi’s denim jacket and my adorable mini me and the outcome is something more boho chic than dinner party guest.

Want to try this look? I’ve included some of my favorite affordable statement necklaces and rock tees below.

Rachel Brooks