How to Rock Denim on Denim


I love breaking a good, ole fashioned style rule. Denim on denim is my newest obsession. Retro white sneakers, distressed denim and a grunge-inspired knit beanie really brings me back to my 90s youth growing up in Seattle.


I usually think this works best is the denims don’t match completely. Example: Black denim and blue denim, or acid wash denim with a deep indigo wash. Are there really ANY true fashion rules nowadays. The fun of fashion is mixing it up.


The actual truth is that this outfit happened by mistake. I was visiting my sister in the city for a night and realized once I arrived that I hadn’t brought a change of clothes. Of course, Lennon was fully clad for at least 7 days and all types of extreme weather. Mama, however, had this pair of Levi’s Wedgie jeans and this leopard shirt. I found the Reeboks in my trunk and borrowed the hat and jacket from my sister’s closet. 1, 2, 3…. Danish IT girl style complete. —If you are wondering, yes that really is the style name of these jeans, “The Wedgie” and yes they are a must have denim style for all of your closets. Trust me. —

STYLIST TIP: If you live in the Bay Area (specifically North Bay or Sonoma County) go swing by the Levi’s Outlet in Petaluma or any of the North Bay Ross locations to stock up on discounted Levi’s in in a wide range of styles.