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How to Wear: Casual Sequins

I’m not usually a sequins gal and usually limit my sparkle to the holiday season and an annual micro-mini on NYE. That said, I recently went out of the box and rented this sequins pencil skirt from Rent the Runway. It could have been a result of two glasses of wine and a trigger happy swiping finger at 10 pm or, who knows, maybe my style is evolving. I’m leaning towards the former….

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Mommy and Me Style: My thoughts on Bargain Shopping

Sometimes Instagram and fashion blogs make us feel like a certain lifestyle is unattainable. Outfits get posted once and never again, children run around in a 5 versions of the same $20 bow, their clothes are seemingly brand new and Gucci belt bags are on every one’s hips. Full disclosure, I can afford a Gucci belt bag and I still shop at Ross, and Marshalls, and TJ Maxx. I buy decor from Target and Homegoods. I frequent the clearance sections at designer retailers looking for deals. I rent designer pieces that I know I will only wear a handful of times and I buy luxury items and keep wearing them for years. What I don’t wear, I sell secondhand. Lennon doesn’t say no to hand me downs and yes I bought a $1,200 stroller.

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How to Style Mixed Prints this Season

I think it’s clear by now I love a good mixed print combination. I know this combination can really stress some people out (I’m talking to you Mom!) I’ve never really been one for the whole matchy matchy thing. Other people can rock a head to toe perfectly coordinated ensemble, complete with a matching purse and shoe (Blair Eadie from Atlantic-Pacific, you are the Queen Bee of coordinating)…

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